What are the Rest of my Students Doing Worksheets
What are the Rest of my Students Doing()

What are the Rest of my Students Doing

What to do with the rest of the students during guided reading is right here.
You are working with 3-7 students at the Guided Reading table. For Guided Reading to be effective, you need to plan wisely for the rest of your students. You will need to engage them in relatively quiet
activities for the rest of your students. Here are a few strategies :
They read at level books and respond to some of these questions in their ?during reading? journal:
- I wonder why?..
- As I read, a question(s) I have is???..
- I wonder what caused??
- This really reminds me of?.
- This part puzzles me because??
- This is similar to?.
- I wonder what the author means by ??..
- I was surprised when?.
- I noticed that?
-I didn?t understand why?.
A group can be listening to a book at the listening centre.
You can use this as an independent writing time.
This is a good time to utilize parent volunteers for very small or one to one reading time.
Have a variety of task cards ready for them to choose from.
Give students a Bingo card (page 2 here). They try to complete a row or the card during each period when the other students are working on guided reading.
Have them practice script writing.
Let them write a letter to an author to convince the author to make the book into a movie.
Provide them with a variety of quite word games. (boggle, hangmen, word or letter matching games, scrabble etc.)
Provide them with a daily challenge. (Make a list of foods, then classify them, make a list of all the cities they know, make a list of everything that moves, make 3 patterns with stickers and describe the pattern, cut words out of printed matter.)
Have them work with a partner playing board games.
Make riddles about a mystery student or mystery food.

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