Reading Readiness Checklist Worksheets
Reading Readiness Checklist()

Reading Readiness Checklist

Understands directionality of a book and holds it the right way and turns pages the right way.

Talks about the pictures as they relate to the picture or makes connections to self or an event.

Will pretend to read some favorite books.

Uses pictures to re-tell a favorite story.

Will chime in with some familiar books.

When prompted for what comes next in a familiar book, is able to tell you.

Can answer questions about the book.

Learns rhymes and poems and can re-cite many of the words.

Picks out familiar words in the environment (stop signs, favorite restaurant, signs, street signs etc.)

Begins to re-tell stories to friends or relatives.

Enjoys being read to and listens eagerly.

Enjoys books even if just to look at the pictures.

Likes to have favorite stories re-read.

Has a collection of favorite stories.

Knows that words convey print.

Has a beginning knowledge of some letters and sounds.

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