How to Teach Reading Worksheets

How to Teach Reading

Learning to read and teaching reading is a complex process. The worksheets here support learning to read. Reading Passages with follow up questions 1st to 5th grades
Learning to read begins with: learning the letter names and the sounds (use alpha dictionaries, flash cards and alphabet worksheets and printables etc.) Then use phonics, word families and high frequency words (Dolch words). Use worksheets for beginning and ending sounds. Learning to read goes beyond decoding and comprehension strategies are also important. Comprehension strategies include: re-telling a story, inferring meaning, understanding the sequence of events, recognizing main ideas, understanding cause and effect, making predictions, understanding point of view, determining the author's intent for writing (to inform, entertain, humor...)making connections (this reminds me of, this book is similar to...), summarizing, distinguishing between fact and opinion, understanding point of view, distinguishing between fiction and non fiction. See the how to read worksheets and printables below.

A Place to Start: How to Read and Teach Reading
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