To, too, or two? Worksheets
To, too, or two?()

To, too, or two?

To, too, or two? For Google Apps

To, too, or two?

Students struggle with knowing when to use the word to. This worksheet will give them some practice.

1.Nice __________ see you ____________!
2. I’ll go with you _____________ if you like.
3. What did he do ___________ you?
4. Let’s find something ____________ do.
5. I have ___________ cookies ____________ share.
6. Don’t you have something______________ do?
7. I think I can do that _______________.
8. Where did he go ____________?
9. Give me ____________ pencils __________ print
10. I don’t have anything ____________ do.
11. Come with me _____________ the show.
12. I have ________________ tests to write.

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