To, to or two Worksheets
To, to or two()

To, to or two

To, to or two For Google Apps

To, to or two

How to use to or to. Here are many sentences that are missing a word. Put the correct version of to, too or two and check your answers on the second page.

1.The bike costs ______________ much money.
2. We are going _____________ the park _______________.
3. I’m going _______________ his party ______________.
4. I have eaten ______________ many candies.
5. You should always try ___________ do your best.
6. I don’t have _______________ many books left ____________ read.
7. I would like crackers with my soup _______________ please.
8. I am really happy ________________!
9. If she wants ________ come _____________, she’s more than welcome.
10. Isn’t that _______________ many?
11. My mom wasn’t ___________________ happy with me.
12. I have ______________ friends who like ___________ swim with me.

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