To, to or two Worksheets
To, to or two()

To, to or two

To, to or two For Google Apps

To, to or two

Sentence examples for the use of to, two or too. Fill in the blanks and check the answers to see how well you know to, too and two.

My _________________ friends are coming over ______________ my house.
2. I’ve seen ______________________ movies this week.
3. I need ____________ study for my math test _______________.
4. Can the ___________________ of us go _________________?
5. I’m ________________ tired ________________ walk the rest of the way.
6. She sings ___________________ loudly.
7. Your friends can come along ________________ if you would like.
8. Let’s go _______________ the store.
9. Do you want ______come along______________ the zoo _____________?
10. She walks _________________ fast for me ________________ keep up.
11. We will leave in ______________ hours _____________ go for a walk.
12.I have _______________ baby sisters __________ take care of.

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