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Clipart Use()

Clipart Use

Are you looking for suggestions for the unit on solid/liquid/ gas. Use these ideas along with your unique teaching style to create a dynamite science unit.
Have students sort the matter into solids, liquids or gas
Have students make a poster showing matter than can change states and matter that can’t
Have students blue individual pictures into their notebooks and
identify properties of each image.
Classify the matter as edible or not edible
Identify matter that can change from one state to another and back again
Identify what each matter could be made out of
Describe the matter to somebody that could not see but can smell or feel
After printing and cutting out each picture, have students put the
pictures face down. One student picks it out and describes it using one property at a time until another student guesses what it could be.
Play concentration, turn 2 over, pairs must be the same—either a solid or a liquid or a gas.
Make labels for each of the images using properties.
Identify uses for each matter
For each picture, use scientific words and write 3 things about it

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