Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

Teaching sight words will help your kiddos be more fluent readers. Give them this fill in the blanks and see if they know what word fits.

Go to the garden and ________________ some roses.
A __________________ child fell off the big slide.
There are ________________ lizards running in the grass.
What _________________ of pizza do you want for dinner?
When you are all __________________ you can play a game.
The grade _________________ class is doing recycling.
__________________ is my big sister’s birthday party.
My mother can __________________ all kinds of vegetables.
How __________________ can the baseball player throw the ball?
If you climb on the table you will __________________ .

Choose the correct word to fit in the sentences.
seven today ten grow far small
fall kind pick done

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