Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

Great teaching idea for that unit on sight words. Grade 3's will learn these words by just looking at them and soon become better readers.

Do you get to your cottage very ______________ ?
The sweater my grandma made me is so ___________________.
Did he ever _________________ a cattle farm in Oro?
________________ you are going out take a jacket with you.
Can you _________________ making dinner before I get there.
If you play with knives you will _______________yourself.
__________________ ride your bike without a helmet.
Did you _______________ at the joke your friend said?
You will feel much _________________ if you eat this soup.
He __________________to go to the carnival with his friend.

Put these words in the correct sentence above.
if got never much start better
hurt own laugh warm

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