Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

Use this activity with your grade 1's to practice dolch words. They must select a word from the box and put it in the sentence that makes sense.
1. ______________ your sister have the wagon.
2. ______________ the door for your grandpa.
3. Missy _______________ the best Barbie dolls.
4. We________________ very late for the party.
5. _______________ we have a drink of pop?
6. The flowers are _________________ the gate.
7. Don’t be so mean to __________________ .
8. _________________ he ate lunch he felt sick.
9. Julie made out _______________ fine on her test.
10. __________________ soon as you eat we can leave.

Use one of these words.
as were them just after let
may open has by

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