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Calm Down Exercise

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Calm Down Exercise

Anger is a normal emotion that some of us handle better than others. Some handle it fairly well when they are vulnerable or feel they are being treated unfairly. Other people can be very explosive because they have not learned to handle it well. Therefore it is important for all of us to learn strategies we can use to handle anger more effectively. This printable gives some of those that may work for individuals.

These are all actions or self-talks. Which ones will assist you sometimes, always, never and worth a try.

Breathe deep and concentrate on calming down.
I can handle this, I will remain calm
No point in letting this anger and control me.
I’ll take a cooling down time alone.
I’m in control, why do something stupid?
No sarcasm, I got this!
I’m outta here before I do something I regret.
Why let this get to me, I’ll stay in control.
I can say something without getting angry.
Their opinion doesn’t matter to me. It’s not worth losing my cool.
Why let them get to me—not happening!
I know they’re egging me on, I won’t let them!
They can do what they want, they’re not going to get a rise out of me.
They’re trying to make me angry—guess I’ll disappoint them.
I can keep my cool, it’s not worth losing it.
This is a hassle I don’t need to be part of.

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