Word Study Task Cards Worksheets
Word Study Task Cards()

Word Study Task Cards

Responding to reading task cards. A variety of task cards that support after reading selections.
Word Study / Vocabulary

List 10 words you can add ing to. State the applicable rules.
List 10 compound words.
List 5 words that are in the past tense.
List 8 words with silent vowels.
List 10 words in singular form and change them to a plural.
List 10 words with short sounding vowels.
List 10 words with long sounding vowels.
List 10 words with a prefix.
List 10 words with a suffix.
List 5 words that have 3 syllables.
List 5 words with a soft g (giant) and 5 words with a hard g (glad).
List 5 words with a soft c (face) and 5 words with a hard c (cat).
List words you can add y to.
Make new sentences with 5 unfamiliar words.
List 10 words that use a vowel combination.
How many words can you list with 2 letter blends?
Make 10 new words from root words by adding a suffix or prefix. (heat—preheat)
List 10 nouns.
List 12 verbs.
List 8 pronouns.
List 10 contractions and show both forms.
Write 3 riddles for 3 words.
Make 10 new words by changing or adding just one letter.
List 5 words and write your own definition of each word.

List 5 examples of comma use and state why the comma is needed in each.
List 5 examples of an apostrophe and state why each one is needed.
List 5 examples of an exclamation mark and state why it is used there.
List 5 examples of the question mark.
How many examples of a capital letter can you find that don’t start a sentence?
Find examples of the colon or semi colon. Why are they needed?

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