What Triggers Your Anger Worksheets
What Triggers Your Anger()

What Triggers Your Anger

What Triggers Your Anger For Google Apps

What Triggers Your Anger

Anger can be a positive thing. It helps us stand up for what we believe in or some injustice is being done. We experience it when we think things are unfair. We may feel threatened, vulnerable or victimized. Understanding the trigger for anger can help us learn how to better manage our reactions and stay in control. For the triggers—explain what calming method helps you. For each of the potential triggers below, decide how much of a trigger this is for you using: S for sometimes, A for always, N for never.

__________When I am being ignored
__________When promises are not kept
__________When somebody else doesn’t understand me
__________When others don’t pull their weight
__________When I’m treated unfairly
__________Somebody else is mean to me
__________When somebody else is inconsiderate to me
__________When others are late
__________When others act in a selfish way
__________When I feel someone tries to control me
__________When people expect too much from me
__________When I am being disrespected
__________When I am being threatened
__________When someone embarrasses me
__________When I can’t get help from anyone


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