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What is Guided Reading()

What is Guided Reading

Guided reading is an instructional strategy used by teachers to improve reading skills and achievement. Small groups of students will work with a teacher, usually around a horse shoe type of a table. The group of 3 to 5 students will all have the same copy of a book and will all be working on the same skill.
When a student has mastered one skill, they will move on to another skill.
Typically, in a class there may be 1 to 3 years difference in reading ability. Therefore, selecting students with like needs is ideal for guided reading. Guided reading begins in kindergarten and continues through to the 8th grade. The skill being taught could be as easy as directionality of a book, turning pages correctly, making sense of picture clues, inferring author’s intent, prediction and identifying plot to name a few.

How long is a guided reading lesson?
A guided reading lesson is usually between 15 minutes and 25 minutes. The challenge in a guided reading lesson is to keep the students who are not at the guided reading table engaged in a quiet reading activity. Students have to be taught to work quietly and independently while the teacher is working with a guided reading book.

What does a guided reading lesson look like?
Let say we have a group of beginner readers. The book they each have will be very basic with few words and picture clues. It may read something like: I like carrots. I like ice-cream. I like pizza. I like apples. I like toys. Each page has predictable words and a picture to identify the word. The teacher would ask precise, scaffolded questions throughout the guided reading lesson.

This book would be used repeatedly during the next few weeks. The teacher will track knowledge using something like: thorough , considerable, some, limited. Print the guided reading worksheet.

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