Cloze Activity for Weathering Worksheets
Cloze Activity for Weathering()

Cloze Activity for Weathering

A fill in the blank activity for students about the weathering process. 2nd and 3rd grade students read the non fiction about the earth process weathering and select the words at the bottom to complete the activity. Weathering is Weathering is something that happens over time . Rocks slowly dissolve or break down into smaller pieces. In colder areas, ice can get in between rocks and soil and it will cause cracks. Wind can blow sand on to surfaces which will cause those surfaces to wear down. Rocks are often made very smooth
by weathering. A glacier scraping across a surface is an example of weathering. Canyons
are formed by weathering when the flood water thrusts against the walls. These weathering teaching ideas are for science for grade 2 and grade 3. Teaching ideas for weathering and erosion.

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