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Teaching Ideas

Weather lesson teaching ideas:
Students keep a weather journal using pictures and words and they also predict what the weather the next day will be. Have them look at the sky and the current weather to make an informed decision about what the next day?s weather may be like.

Take the temperature each day, letting every student eventually get a chance to read the thermometer. Have students record the temperature in their calendar or journal. Once a few weeks have been recorded, look for the patterns in the weather.

Brainstorm all the ways that weather can have impact on your plans.

Brainstorm all the natural disasters that are caused by weather.

For art, let students create a 4 season collage.

Brainstorm all the things that would happen if there was no sun? no rain?

Take a tally of the favorite type of weather in your classroom.

Brainstorm how animals prepare for the different types of weather.

Brainstorm what you think causes the different weather types.

Weather refers to short term conditions and climate refers to long term conditions, explain what this means in your own words. Brainstorm similarities and differences of weather and climate.

Research climate around the world and take a tally about which area/country has the best weather and why.

Have a ?rain circle?.
All the students sit around a large circle. Everyone makes the moves you call at the same time while remaining seated: Rub hands (wind) pat legs (light rain) snap fingers (heavy rain) clap hands (heavier rain) stomp feel and clap hands (rain and thunder) .
These actions simulate beginning of rain to a storm. REPEAT backwards to calm the storm.

Take turns writing out morning announcements about the weather forecast.

Brainstorm all the ways you can learn about the weather. (Radio, Online, TV, Paper etc)

Do a daily cloud observation walk, students describe the clouds and the type of weather often associated with those clouds. Sketch the different cloud shapes.

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