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Lesson Plans and Ideas

Lesson plan ideas for the Water cycle:
Students make a model of the water cycle using recycled materials, plasticene, shoebox
Water Cycle Skit: Students play the role of a cloud, the sun, the lake, the river, the ground water, trees. Each student then speaks about their part in the water cycle. For instance: I?m the sun, I am responsible for heating the water in rivers, puddles, lakes, oceans and on mountain tops, my heat helps the process of evaporation.
Students create posters providing reasons to use water wisely.
Students create a commercial or podcast about using our fresh water wisely.
Brainstorm all the reasons for this statement: Without water, we couldn?t survive.
Look through newspapers, magazines and online to make a collage of all the things requiring water or all the ways water is used.
Make a collage or list showing all the ways water is used in these categories:
1. Recreation
2. In the Home
3. Plants and Animals
4. In nature all around us
Write a persuasive letter advising everyone of their responsibility to use water wisely.
Explain how water changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas using the appropriate terms.
Have students make a terrarium to see the water cycle in action. They will observe water changing state from liquid to gas (water vapour) and back again. (Plastic pop bottles work great)

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