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Discussion Questions

Water cycle discussion questions for your students.
Brainstorm all the reasons why water is important to us.
Give examples of where we find water.
What is the relationship between the water cycle and the 3 states of matter?
List all the things we use water for.
Describe what would life be like without water?
List as many words as you can that relate to water. (evaporation, ice, rain, clouds, moisture, wet, tears, dew..)
Water is always moving, brainstorm all the ways water moves
Identify problems in the world associated with water. (Drought, pollution, flooding, hurricanes, melting glaciers, erosion?)
Identify all the ways we can conserve water.
Why is it important to conserve water?
What is the relationship between weather and water?
Does the sun make water disappear? (Discuss the sun as causing the water to look like it disappears but it's really part of the water cycle and the sun causes the water to evaporate into a gas which eventually becomes part of the cloud and when it cools becomes rain which falls?
Do you think the earth has more or less water than thousands of years ago? (the water cycle helps them to understand that the water is the same going through the continuous cycle.)
Brainstorm all the places water collects when it hits the earth.
How many examples of evaporation can you think of?
How many examples of condensation can you think of?
Where do we find fresh water? Where do we find salt water?
Which room in your house uses the most water? Why do you think that?
Should there be a fine for using too much water? Why or why not?
Should water bottles be banned? Why or why not?
What persuasive statements can you make to convince others to conserve water?
Can evaporation happen at night? Why or why not?

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