Valentines Day Writing Prompts Worksheets
Valentines Day Writing Prompts()

Valentines Day Writing Prompts

Use these writing prompts to motivate learners on Valentines Day. Use the theme of Valentines Day for the various writing genres. Writing prompts include:
The true story of Cupid.

The Valentine that revealed a secret about a hidden treasure.

Valentines Day should be a national holiday.

Valentines Day is all about retail and to sell chocolate and flowers.

Valentines Day should be renamed.

If I could do anything I wanted on Valentine’s Day.

The truth about Cupid’s Arrow.

10 reasons you should give flowers instead of chocolate instead of
flowers on Valentines Day.

10 reasons you should give chocolate instead of flowers on Valentines

Why I named my pet Valentine.

Why people shouldn’t get married on Valentines Day.

The best Valentines Day party ever.

Why the Valentines colors are pink and red.

Where the name Valentine really comes from.

How Valentines Day should be celebrated.

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