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Understanding Anger()

Understanding Anger

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Understanding Anger

Anger is an emotion we feel when we feel threatened or that an injustice has occurred. The reaction is different for each of us. Some of us cry, some yell and some get physical. Our biological differences cause us to handle anger in different ways. Sometimes acceptable and sometimes not. The feeling of anger, if ignored, will not go away but will show up in perhaps more harmful ways. This sheet asks students to self reflect on how they handle anger.

Answer these questions about a time you were angry.

1) Do you think you become more angry than others do? Why or why not?

2) Do you anger quickly?

3) Do you stay angry for a longer period of time?

4) Do you have difficulty letting go of angry feelings?

5) Does your anger make you feel like getting physical in negative ways?

6) Does your anger hinder relationships with friends and or family?

7) Does your anger make you feel negative most of the time?

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