Trending News Teaching Activity Worksheets
Trending News Teaching Activity()

Trending News Teaching Activity

Trending News Teaching Activity For Google Apps

Trending News Teaching Activity

News and media teaching activities for grades 7-10. Great for remote learning, classroom learning and for homeschoolers. Trending searches are often newsy and google has a way to check it. Go to Select the country you live in on this site and then you will be able to complete this assignment. You will discover what the top trends are then will be able to answer the following questions.

Google offers a method to check the trending searches which are often ‘newsy’ at
Go to trending searches and select your country to complete this assignment.

Identify the top ten trending searches.
For each of the top 10, explain why you think it is:
For each of the top 10 trends, indicate who would be most interested in this news. (sports enthusiasts, younger people, older people, men, women, teens etc.)
For each of the top 10 search results, determine if they are also found in national news?
For each of the top 10 searches, determine which category they belong in. (Conflict, celebrity, disaster, sports, health…)
Identify a comment or a question you have for each of the top 10 searches. (Many social news feeds provide an option for responses to gain engagement)
Select one of these top search trends and re-write it as a news broadcast for TV or radio.

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