Traits and Inheritance Quiz Worksheets
Traits and Inheritance Quiz()

Traits and Inheritance Quiz

Traits and Inheritance Quiz For Google Apps

Traits and Inheritance Quiz

At the end of the unit on traits and inheritance you will want to evaluate your kids. Use this ready made quiz to see how much knowledge they have absorbed. Answers are included in the for the teacher to enable easy, quick marking.

1) Distinguishing characteristics are examples of_____________________________.

2) The stronger trait that hides the weaker trait is called________________________.

3) A trait you get from your parent is _______________________________________.

4) A trait that is learned is ________________________________________________

5) A weak trait that sometimes disappears is called_____________________________

6) Mendel used these types of plants to study traits____________________________

7) The study of heredity is also referred to as_________________________________

8) Unless you have this, nobody in the world is just like you_____________________

9) When a trait is inherited, it is passed down by a_____________________________

10) The code that gives us our traits is found in our _____________________________

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