Traits Friend Comparison Activity Worksheets
Traits Friend Comparison Activity()

Traits Friend Comparison Activity

Traits Friend Comparison Activity For Google Apps

Traits Friend Comparison Activity

Use this free resource when you are teaching about heredity and traits. Kids will enjoying choosing their partner and determining how different and alike they are.

Did you know that each of us is different because our cells have DNA that has genes which determine how we will look? They determine hair color, eye color, hair texture, height, eyebrow shape, length of your fingers, and much, much more. These individual differences are called traits and you inherited these traits from your parents.

Compare your traits with others in the class. Choose a friend and complete the chart for you and them. You will compare the following criteria
Eye Color

Hair Color

Hair Texture


Length of baby finger

Eye brow shape


Right or left handed

Can roll/curl tongue

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