Their, there or they're? Worksheets
Their, there or they're?()

Their, there or they're?

There, they're or their have been removed from each sentence. Complete each
sentence with the correct form(s).
1. I don't know where THEY'RE going, they never told me.
2. I'm almost certain THEY'RE coming around to our way of thinking.
3. THEY'RE all going to the circus when THEIR parents come home from work.
4. How unfortunate that THEIR photos were destroyed in the fire.
5. THEY'RE meeting us at the show later today.
6. THEY'RE concerned about THEIR players getting injured at THEIR next game.
7. I think THEY'RE going to visit THEIR grandparents today.
8. THERE will be a lot of unhappy people if THEY'RE late for the game.
9. THERE are over 25 errors in his math test.
10. I would appreciate it if you would stand over THERE for now.

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