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Teacher Tips for Conflict Resolution()

Teacher Tips for Conflict Resolution

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Teacher Tips for Conflict Resolution

Some great teacher tips for conflict resolution:
It is often helpful for the students to complete one of the handouts about what
happened. You will find that there will be 2 sides to the conflict and usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The students need to commit to the process and they should be doing most of the talking.

Your role is to:
help with the strong emotions
ensure the protocols for resolution are adhered to
help each understand the feelings/concerns of the other side
help to maintain a positive tone

Find a quiet place for the students to work through the process
Ask all parties to commit to the conflict resolution process (stick to the facts, no interruptions, appropriate eye contact and body language, commit to being solution focused, use ā€˜Iā€™ statements, no blaming).
Have students commit to honesty.
Decide which student will speak first.
Listen to what each student has to say and repeat it for clarification.
Ask each child to present 1-2 appropriate solutions.
Help the students with the solution selection, explaining pros and cons of both.
Have students agree on the fairest solution. (Refer to solutions handout).
Restate the solution for the students and write it out for them to sign.

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