Parent Teacher Interview Tips Worksheets
Parent Teacher Interview Tips()

Parent Teacher Interview Tips

Make sure appointment times are scheduled well in advanced and are confirmed
Ensure that students have work ready to be displayed that shows strengths, growth and challenges
Help your students learn about their areas of strengths and areas of challenge or need
Have students reflect upon what they?ve learned, enjoyed, and had challenges with
Review the proper way for students to introduce their parents and provide time for them to pracite introducing people
ALWAYS be able to celebrate something the child had done well
Have your assessment notes/anecdotals ready for specific questions
Always remember that your goals are shared, you want just want the parent wants: what is best for the child
Make sure students know what the goals were for each piece of work in their portfolio
Students should be able to discuss what the success criteria is for their work
Be ready with prompts to help students lead:
What are you most proud of? Why?
I noticed great improvement in???. Why do you think that is?
Are there any challenges you can think of that I or your parents could support you better with?
I was proud of you when????.
What work habits help you most? (listening, attention to task, being prepared for each activity)
What work habits could you improve upon?
What do you need to focus on??...What do you need to practice??...
Help students rehearse what and how they?re learning as it will drive the conference
Independence, Self-Esteem, Confidence and Pride are essential to success, it may be necessary to talk about strategies to enhance these skills between home and school.
Remember that social learning is a key part of learning
Always end on a positive note and thank parents for the conference.

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