Stages of Reading Worksheets
Stages of Reading()

Stages of Reading

The stages of reading will vary depending upon the reading program or resource you are reading. However, stages begin when a child takes an interest in a book and pretends to read through to an effecient and independent reader.

pretends to read

holds the book the correct way

turns pages

focuses on the pictures

makes connections when being read to (I jump on the bed too.)

enjoys being read to

may recognize typical signs (McDonalds, STOP)

shows an interest in looking a books


recognizes some words

has preferences for specific stories

knows that words have meaning

uses own knowledge to make connections (I like beans too, I like the fair too.)

infers logical meaning from pictures

Early Reader

reads simple books (I like red, I like green, I like blue.)

reads familiar books using memory and some word decoding that have been read several times

reads in a word by word fashion, fluency tends to be weak

relies on sounding out (often using three sounds for a single syllable word
uses pictures to help)

focus is mainly on decoding beginning and ending sounds or on familiar words


uses a variety of strategies to decode (context, phonics, self-correcting, knowledge of

self-corrects and re-reads to make sense of passage

makes predictions and inferences

has an enhanced knowledge and acquisition of known words

scans for information

reading is becoming much more fluent and the focus become comprehension and higher level thinking

reads for a variety of purposes (humor, entertainment, information,)

displays reading confidence

uses appropriate expression when reading aloud

makes higher level connections

reads more difficult material

seldom makes mistakes

sustained interest

reads silently and fluently

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