St Patrick's Day Word Problems Worksheets
St Patrick's Day Word Problems()

St Patrick's Day Word Problems

Problem solving is a necessary life skill and needs to be practiced for kids to become proficient at it. Learning to tackle math problems will give students experience to solve greater problems in life. They will start this sheet with a cute joke. What do you call leprechauns who collect cans and plastic? Wee- cyclers. After they have a chuckle they can continue to solve the 5 math problems.
Jana has nine more leprechauns than Jan. Jan has four leprechauns. How many does Jana have?

Five shamrocks were in the basket. More shamrocks were added to the basket. Now there are eight shamrocks. How many were added to the basket?

14 shamrocks are in the basket. Eight are red and the rest are green. How may green shamrocks are in the basket?

Eight red leprechauns and eight green leprechauns are in the basket. How many leprechauns are in the basket?

Steve has eight shamrocks and Blake has four shamrocks. How many shamrocks do Steve and Blake have together?

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