Skeletal System Skull Activity Worksheets
Skeletal System Skull Activity()

Skeletal System Skull Activity

Skeletal System Skull Activity For Google Apps

Skeletal System Skull Activity

Have you heard of a baby's soft spot. The bones in our skulls do not join until after you are born. This activity is called Keep a Lid on It. Your task on this sheet is as follows:

Your skull is made up of two parts, the cranium and
the jaw. Label these two locations.
One of these two parts can move, which part
Explain why it’s important for the moving part
of your skull to move.
What organ does your skull protect?
Explain what the most important function of the
skull is and explain why.
Explain what would happen if your skull was made out of soft tissue instead of bone.
What facial features are influenced by the shape of your skull?

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