Simple Interest Worksheet 24 Worksheets
Simple Interest Worksheet 24()

Simple Interest Worksheet 24

1. You invested $8,096.70 and received $8,663.47 after one year. What was the interest rate?
2. If a principal of $74.07 was invested at a rate of 15% and terminates with a balance of $107.40, how long was the money invested for?
3. If you put money into a savings account that earns $4.37 over five years at a rate of 1.6%, how much money did you put into the account?
4. If you take out a loan that costs $687.18 over four years at an interest rate of 8%, how much was the loan for?
5. At what rate was an investment made that obtains $681.51 on $5,679.24 over four years?
6. If you put $6,470.74 in a savings account that pays 1.4% for one year what is the amount of money you will have at the end of the one year?
7. If you received $1,219.52 on $7,621.98 invested at a rate of 8%, for how long did you invest the principal?
8. You invested $635.98 and received $839.49 after two years. What was the interest rate?
9. What will the final balance be for $4,444.61 invested at 8% for one year?
10. If a loan is taken out for $6,129.91 at 1.0% and costs $490.39, how long was the loan for?

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