Simple Machine Quiz Worksheets
Simple Machine Quiz()

Simple Machine Quiz

What happens when you change the slope on an inclined plane?
Change in distance, change in speed, change in effort.

Describe simple machines that help with lifting, pushing and pulling. Describe how it
would be like without the help of the simple machines.
Students should name machine—wheel and axle much easier to push or pull heavier loads, lever, can pull up heavy weights easier—students on the see saw actually lifting weigh of other students up. Students should be able to discuss the advantage of all the simple machines.

Describe 3 different simple machines that actually have more than one simple
Pulleys have wheels, screws, levers like seesaws have screws, wheel barrels have levers and screws and wheels/axle. Students should be able to name several examples.
What are the changes of effort needed when the fulcrum is changed in position on a
When the fulcrum is closer to the load, the effort needed is less, when the fulcrum is farther from the load, the effort needed increases. (Think of a child (load) on a see saw, if the child moves in closer to the middle, it is easier to lift from the other end of the lever.)

Identify the 6 simple machines and name a real life example of each.
Answers will vary—all simple machines should be named along with an example.

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