How to Use a Semicolon Worksheets
How to Use a Semicolon()

How to Use a Semicolon

The semicolon ( ; ) has similar uses to a comma. The semicolon doesn't come to a complete stop like a period does.

A semicolon can join to clauses using transitional words like: however, otherwise, therefore, subsequently, in addition etc.

A semicolon is stronger than a comma.

The semicolon separates a sentence with 2 closely related meanings. Some teachers call the semicolon the super comma to help students remember how to use it.

Here are some common ways to use a semicolon:

1. You tried your hardest; second place is a good finish.

2. I like chocolate; however, I don't like dark chocolate.

Semicolons are also used in lists even though it is correct to use
commas in lists.

1. Back to school items you'll need are: a sturdy back pack;
pencil cases equipped with pencils; lunch box; duo-tangs in
five different colors.
2. I have been to: Canada; Japan; Australia; Africa and England.
3. Strong rains continue to fall; consequently, outdoor recess has
been cancelled.

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