Selecting Just Right Books Worksheets
Selecting Just Right Books()

Selecting Just Right Books

When teaching or when learning to read, it is important to select just right books. One of the rules of thumb to use when selecting a just right book is to use the five finger rule. Take the book and begin reading one of the pages. Each time a word is encountered that is unknown, put up a finger, if you have five fingers up by the end of the page, the level of the book is too hard. This strategies works for all reading levels with the exception of the emergent reader. The emergent reader will be reading books with minimal words that rely on picture clues. My favorite leveled books are: A to Z, for a reasonablly priced online membership and Scholastic and
Leveled Reader.Com
Each of these use the A to Z scale. Many educational jurisdictions use the PM scale (1 to 30) from Nelson and they are a bit pricier. DRA levels is another tool used to measure reading achievement.

You will need a minimum of 4-5 books at EACH level, many young readers will read at the same level for 2-3 months. Readers vary at their rate of reading development. One child may advance 2-3 levels in a year, another child may advance by 10-15. Every individual is different. Books should always be at a just right level to avoid frustrating the learner.

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