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Seed Dispersal

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Seed Dispersal

This is a worksheet that requires students to read the paragraph and then answer the questions. Some of your struggling students may need you or a friend to read the passage to them. After the handout is completed your students will better understand seed dispersal.

Seeds travel in a variety of ways. Some seeds get carried away by wind to running waters like streams, rivers and lakes. Some animals carry seeds and drop them from their feathers, beaks or feet. Sometimes animals eat seeds and disperse them after they go through their digestive system. Some seeds travel with the wind. People eat fruits and vegetables with seeds and then sometimes spit them out on the ground. Some animals like squirrels will bury the seeds. These are just some ways seeds get dispersed. How do humans disperse seeds? How do seeds travel? How do animals spread seeds around? Why do you think it is important to disperse seeds?

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