Science Project Ideas Worksheets
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Science Project Ideas

How many numbers can you remember?

Is smiling contagious?

Are some can openers better than others? (Do some leave metal residue in food?)

Does practice make perfect?

Do girls or boys find Where’s Waldo Pictures faster?

Do people with longer legs walk faster?

Do people with longer legs jump farther?

Does water spin the same way (right or left) with every toilet flush?

Can people tell the difference between real and fake foods? (Peanut butter and wow or soy butter, eggs and artificial eggs etc.) with a blind taste test.

Can you heat water using the sun?

Is the splatter of an egg larger when it’s dropped higher from the ground?

Does distilled water work better or worse on growing plants?

What’s the best natural cleaner of rust?

What makes sugar cubes dissolve the fastest?

Do plants grow better with salt water?

Are horoscopes accurate?

Do males or females have a better sense of smell?

Is pulse affected by different types or volumes of music?

Do some breads grow mold faster?

Does the sun fade some colors faster than others?

What materials keep an ice cube from melting?

Do males react faster than females?

Can younger people hold their breath longer than older people?

Are some paper towels more absorbent that others?

Are some toothpastes better at whitening than others?

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