Salmon Fish Migration Worksheets
Salmon Fish Migration()

Salmon Fish Migration

Salmon fish migration teaching ideas and resources. Teach about the stages of salmong migration. The Amazing Salmon Fish Migration!
Salmon are found in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and in freshwater lakes and rivers. Salmon can live up to 3 to 8 years. Salmon are born in freshwater and when they get a little older, they will then migrate to the ocean. They will continue to live in the ocean until they are ready to spawn (lay their eggs). Salmon will travel up to 3500 miles to spawn back in fresh water. During this journey (migration), they do not eat as they can live off the fat that they stored from eating before they migrate. When they lay their eggs, the baby salmon will stay in the freshwater until they are more mature and ready to migrate to the ocean. Salmon are born in fresh water, mature and migrate to the ocean but will return to the fresh water to spawn. The migration of the salmon is amazing and unique!

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