Salmon Facts Worksheet Worksheets
Salmon Facts Worksheet()

Salmon Facts Worksheet

A salmon is a fascintating fish. Here are some facts about the salmon.
When the adult salmon return to fresh water, they do not eat. They can go longer than six months without eating!
An Orca will eat up to 55 pounds of salmon a day!
There are Pacific salmon and Atlantic salmon, the Atlantic salmon don’t usually die after they spawn but the Pacific salmon does.
Most fish live either in salt water or fresh water, but the salmon lives in both.
Young salmon will spend two or three years in their freshwater streams or rivers before going on their one to three year journey to the Atlantic Ocean to become an adult.
Adult salmon will travel up to 6000 miles to return to freshwater to spawn.
The adult salmon will return to the same fresh water they were they were hatched using their sense of smell to find it.
A salmon will travel or 30 miles a day when they migrate!
Not only can a salmon swim fast but they can also jump very high, almost as high as 12 feet!
A typical salmon life span is 3-8 years.
Salmon eggs can take as long as three months to hatch.

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