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Role Play Examples

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Role Play Examples

Use the graphic organizers or skits to resolve the following conflict examples. Role play the following conflict examples:

You were picked to be the captain of your team, now your good friend isn?t talking to you because he was hoping to be picked to be the captain.
Half of your friends want to play one game and the others want to play another
A friend copied your work and got a better mark than you did.
A friend lied to you about what others said about you.
You?ve been blamed for something you did not do.
Both of you want the same topic for a project and there?s only one topic per student.
A friend of yours keeps hiding your belongings and thinks it?s funny.
Your trust has been betrayed by a friend.
Your friend keeps taking your stuff.
A friend won?t take turns.
A friend keeps yelling at you to get his/her way all the time.
A classmate took credit for something you did and was praised for it in front of the class
One of your good friends keeps littering despite your efforts to support no littering
Your friend doesn?t show respect for your belongings
Your friend lost your favorite hat
A classmate wants you to do something that you are uncomfortable doing
Just as you were to take a seat in the movie theatre, your friend took that same seat.
You?ve been accused of something you didn?t do by a friend and now they?ve told many of your friends.

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