Rocks and Mineral Questions Worksheets
Rocks and Mineral Questions()

Rocks and Mineral Questions

These are suggestions for the teacher for the rocks and minerals unit. Besides your own unique teaching style these will help you have a successful unit.
(The first 10 questions are great when used at the beginning of your unit.)
1. Discuss the types of non-living things that are found on earth.
2. Brainstorm all the places you might find rocks.
3. What do you think rocks are made of?
4. Brainstorm all the uses for rocks.
5. With a variety of rocks, have students describe them by texture, shape, hardness,
color. (Magnifying glasses make this activity much better.)
6. Make pet rocks for art. Find smooth rocks to paint after inspecting them and determining which type of rocks they are.
7. Save egg cartons to go for a rock collecting walk.
8. Fossils are bits of evidence of life from long ago. Make clay fossils with leaves or dead insects or plastic miniatures. (Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks).
9. Go on a rock walk and look for evidence of fossils in the rocks.
10. For art, make rubbings of rocks to show the various textures found on rocks.
11. Classify rocks by the following categories: colors, layering, presence of crystals and texture.
12. When you squeeze clay in your hands, what happens? Explain how this is similar to how rocks are formed.
13. Do you think rocks will float? Why or why not? How can you find out? (Pumice rocks are the only floating rocks.)
14. Discuss what you can learn from studying about rocks and minerals.
15. Why do you think rocks come in so many different sizes and colors?
16. To integrate rocks with math—have students predict and find out the mass of each rock.
17. For each type of rock, write how they are formed using: first, next, last.
18. Research famous buildings, monuments and statues that are made from rock. For instance, the pyramids are made from limestone which are sedimentary rocks.

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