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Responding to Anger()

Responding to Anger

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Responding to Anger

Anger brings out a different response in each of us. While some may explode when certain things are said and done to them others will take it all in stride. This exercise asks the student how they would respond to different situations. It should give them some insight as to how they handle anger management.

Somebody tells you to shut up.
Your mom was late picking you up.
You lose your phone.
You lost a game.
Your friends all got invited to a party but you didn’t.
Your friend makes fun of your haircut.
Somebody took your ball.
Your friend lied to you.
You are being criticized.
Your friends don’t want to do what you want to do.
Your teacher gave you a detention.
Your sibling got a gift you wanted.
You get to the show your really wanted to see and it’s sold out.
Your friend always has to have the last word.
You got caught cheating.
Another individual just knocked you on purpose.
Somebody keeps interrupting you as you talk.
At first you think your friends are just horsing around, but you get hurt and realize it’s serious.
You don’t get taken seriously.
Sarcastic insults.
Somebody threatens you.
You missed your bus.
You feel you are being treated unfairly.
You feel you deserved a better mark on an assignment.
Your friend was snooping through your belongings.
A friend betrayed your secret.

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