What is Reading Comprehension? Worksheets
What is Reading Comprehension?()

What is Reading Comprehension?

Here are the main strategies for reading comprehension:
Refers to the ability to use a variety of strategies to determine what a word is and what the word means.
Recall and Locate
Basic comprehension that requires simple recall of information from the text, locating specific information from the text and talk about the information from the text.
Reading Between the Lines
Reading between the lines is getting at the higher level thinking skills. It is wondering about the text read, making logical predictions and inferences about the text. It’s trying to see different points of view.
Text Features
Making sense of a table of contents, index, bold print, bibliographies, chapters, titles, headings, and all of the ways a book is presented structurally.
Language Features
Understanding the relevance of phrases, various word choices the author uses, the images and understands why the various literary features are used.
The Author
Being able to determine why the author wrote the text. Make inferences about the author’s intent within various events of the text. Understand the author’s point of view and reason for writing the text. Understand the message in the text.
Being able to determine what the text or passages in the text remind them of or are similar to. Connections can be personal experiences or they can be similar to worldly, cultural, historical or social happenings. Connections can also be made to other books, movies, documentaries etc.

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