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Rate the Reactions

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Rate the Reactions

This is a great free resource for use in the classroom or even counselling situation. Although feelings of anger are normal, many chosen reactions to anger are not effective. Look at each of the reactions and decide the following:
a) Is it effective or not and why?
b) If somebody reacts to you this way, how do you feel?
c) How would you respond if somebody reacted this way to you?

1) Yell, shout, swear
2) Insults, name calling
3) Threats, if you don’t…..then I will..
4) Nasty looks and gestures
5) Push, poke, slap or punch
6) Negotiate
7) Compromise
8) Listen
9) Get help from a supporting adult
10) Problem solve, use open ended questions toward a solution
11) Give an ultimatum
12) Making demands
13) Communicate confidently allowing turns and maintain eye contact
14) Maintain good body language and facial expressions
15) Throw a temper tantrum or have a melt down
16) Be in control of your own emotions
17) When all fails, walk away
18) Discuss options and make a deal


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