Quotation Marks Worksheet Worksheets
Quotation Marks Worksheet()

Quotation Marks Worksheet

Quotation Marks Worksheet For Google Apps

Quotation Marks Worksheet

Free quotation marks worksheets. 4th and 5th grade punctuation worksheets. Teach your students proper placement of quotation marks in these sentences.
1. “Does anyone,” Jake yelled, know where my wallet is?”
2. “The annual dance-a-thon is tomorrow,” declared Rita.
3. “Here’s the homework,” said Nan, “that I should have finished
last week.”
4. “Why did you ask me?” said Jay. “I wasn’t even there.”
5. Have you seen Disney’s production, “The Lion King”?
6. “Shelly has been know for her tardiness,” said Joe.
7. “Is our test Thursday or Friday.” we asked.
8. “Tomorrow I start dance class.” she said excitedly.
9. I wrote an article called “Fake News Blues” for the newspaper.
10. “I am determined to win!” he said.
11. Mr. Nelson said, “Raise your hand before you speak.”
12. “How much time do we have before the bell rings?” Dora asked.

Clarification for # 5:
A title has quotation marks. The question mark doesn’t go inside the quotation marks unless the title is actually a question.

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