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Procedural writing has to do with the way we ?do something?. How to play something, how to make something or how to do something.
Brainstorm all the ways we find out how to do these things. (instructions, directions,
recipes, maps, You Tube video tutorials.)
Consider an art lesson that was done, have students orally discuss the procedures to accomplish the final product.
Consider a game played in the gym, have students orally discuss the procedures to play. Make sure all steps are included.
Brainstorm all the reasons that instructions and directions are important.
Brainstorm what would happen if we didn?t have any instructions.
Have students give precise directions to get to their house from the school.
Have a scavenger hunt and locate examples of procedural writing in the classroom.
Brainstorm all the crafts or hobbies that instructions or directions are needed for.
What science experiments have you done that require procedures to be followed?
Have students provide a step by step of what they do to get ready to go to bed.
Brainstorm what would happen if steps in recipes were missed.
How could you give instructions or directions to somebody who didn?t speak your language.
Why are sequences of steps important?
How do you know if your instructions are effective?
When do you wish you had instructions or directions but didn?t have them?
When are giving instructions not helpful?
Brainstorm as many features of procedural writing as you can. (a goal, list of materials,
sequence of steps, usually written in present tense, often includes action verbs and linking words)
Practice with a few of these: how to get great grades, how to be happy, how to make a friend, how to keep a friend, how to tidy your desk...

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