Genres and Printed Matter Worksheets
Genres and Printed Matter()

Genres and Printed Matter

What are all the things students are required to read and write? Here is a list of all of the possible printed matter that students are exposed to and should be able to read about or write. However, it should be noted not everything listed is suitable for all grades.
Abbreviations, Acronyms, Advertisements, Appendices, Autobiographies, Bar Graphs, Bibliographies, Biographies, Boldface, Book Reviews, Brochures, Captions, Cartoons, atalogues, Charts, Checklists, Classics, Comics, Computer Menus, Cross-references, Diagrams, Dialogue, Diaries, Dictionaries, Directories, Drop-down menus, Directions
Editorials, Electronic Device Icons, Encyclopedias, Epics, Essays, Expository Texts
Fables, Folk Tales, Footnotes / Endnotes, Forwards, Glossaries, Graphic Organizers, Graphs, Haiku, Icon, Idioms, Indexes, Internet searches, Internet articles, Introductions
Journals, Labels, Legends, Letters, Lists, Magazines, Manuals, Maps, Maps , Memoirs
Memos, Menus, Minutes, Myths, Narratives , Newspapers, Novels, Parentheses, Pie Graphs
Plays, Poems, Posters, Preface, Procedural Texts, Prose, Proverbs, Recipes
References, Reports, Rhymes, Schedules, Sentences, Short Stories, Signs, Songs
Speech Bubbles, Speeches, Story Maps, Subheadings, Table of Contents, Tables
Tales, Texts, Thesaurus, Thought Clouds, Timetables, Title Page, Toolbars, Weather,

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