Apostrophes Showing Possession Worksheets
Apostrophes Showing Possession()

Apostrophes Showing Possession

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Apostrophes Showing Possession

Learning apostrophes can be a daunting task. With practice students will soon learn which form is appropriate in a sentence. Here are the examples from this printable.

Examples of apostrophes that show possession are:
The baby duck and its mother are swimming in the pond.
Soon we will be on a week's vacation!
The twins' parents are looking for a babysitter.
I'm going to the Smiths' cottage for the weekend.
Jake and Jack's parents are coming too.
I had some of Todd's popcorn.
The students' grades in math improved this term.
The workers are doing a great job on the pool.
My school is known for its music program.
My dog's barking is irritating.
Where did the dog's bone go?
Fred's house is down the street from mine.

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