Position of Objects Worksheets
Position of Objects()

Position of Objects

Change up your lesson by playing an interactive activity rather that a pencil and paper task. How well can your students describe the position of something? This activity requires group work. Have students form groups of three and see how well they can describe the position of an object. Person one holds a book or an object. Person two is the recorder. Person three stands with his back facing person 1 and provides them with directions (The recorder will let person 3 know if the directions are understood by the actions of person 1.)
An example of what the person might say is : ‘put the book above your head, put the book between your knees, slide the book across the desk, put the book out in front of…..’ Person 3 records all of the positional words heard as person one performs the position commands. How many positional words were used? Was there any confusion for person one following your directions? Why or why not?
How well did your students do? Were they able to verbalize the position of an object?

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