A Poster for Forming Plurals Worksheets
A Poster for Forming Plurals()

A Poster for Forming Plurals

Rules for making plural nouns are:
For most nouns: add s (cat—cats, ball—balls)
For some nouns: add es (box—boxes, dish—
dishes, watch—watches, class—classes) When
adding es, these words usually end on: s, x, sh,
ch or ss
For some nouns that end on a consonant and y,
change the y to i and add es (candy—candies,
fairy— fairies, puppy—puppies)
For most nouns that en on a consonant and o,
sometimes add s and sometimes add es
(potato—potatoes, zero—zeros )
For many nouns that end on f or fe, the f or fe
will be changed to v and es will be added
(knife—knives, scarf—scarves, life—lives)
Other nouns to know are irregular plural nouns:
(person—people, child—children, foot—feet)

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