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Playground Writing

Persuasive writing is a letter convincing someone of something. This activity requires students to write a letter to their principal. It is also a good resource to practice differentiated instruction. Your struggling learner can write a shorter letter and concentrate more on the diagram. Your job is to persuade the principal that a new structure or equipment for the playground. Your letter should contain 3 strong reasons for your request, a strong introduction and a conclusion that is convincing to your principal. One of your reasons can include the fact you are learning about force and motion if you explain how force and motion is used. 2. Illustrate the structure or new piece of equipment and label each part. This is just the beginning for students as they begin to hone their writing skills. Later in life they may want to even write their parents a persuasive letter as to why they should extend their curfew or be able to take out the family car.

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