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Playground Activity()

Playground Activity

Your kids will enjoy a change from doing labs or completing handouts. This activity will be fun as it involves playgrounds. Forces are demonstrated in many places and a playground is an example your grade 3's will relate to. This exercise requires the students to go to the playground or if that is not available to look at pictures of playground equipment online. They will look at each structure and answer the following questions. Remind them of Issac Newton's Laws before they begin.
1st Law:   Any object in motion will continue to move in the same direction and speed 
unless forces act  on it. 
2nd Law:   The greater the mass of an object, the more force it will take to accelerate the object. (In others words, more force is needed for heavier objects, and the more force you provide, the farther the object will go.)   
3rd Law:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 
Now they can begin answering the following questions. 
1. What is the name of the structure? 
2. What force is required to make it work? 
3. What type of moon occurs? 
4. Describe the direction(s) this structure moves or needs to make it fun.  5. What makes it go faster or slower? 
6. Is friction involved to slow it down or stop? Explain. 
7. Provide an example of balanced and unbalanced force for this  structure. 
8. Could this structure be improved? How ? 
9. Is there opportunity for objects to collide? Explain. 
10. Could you add a feature that would make this structure safer?  Why or why not? 
11. What would you give as a fun rating on this structure? (1—5 where 1 is weak, 5 is great) Why? 
12. Indicate if and how this piece of equipment relates to any of Newton’s Laws of Motion 

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